Sunday, August 17, 2014

More about the Peter Howgate Award

About the IAFI Peter Howgate Award

Welcome to the "Peter Howgate Award", a travel grant presented by the International Association of Fish Inspectors (IAFI) to a young fish technologist who has shown a promising start to his or her career. The Peter Howgate Award pays for the attendance of the selected candidate to the biennial IAFI World Seafood Congress. In the past this has been held in Sydney Australia, Agadir Morocco, Washington USA, and St.John's, Newfoundland Canada.

Peter on board the Torry research trawler, the GA Reay, 1981

The Award is a tribute to Peter Howgate's work and career, and a recognition of his immense and ongoing contribution to the field of fish technology and the people who work in it. The Award was set up by fish technology professionals around the world, with the help of the Seafood HACCP Discussion List community and was adopted by IAFI in 2014.

How to apply for the Peter Howgate Award
The award is open to anyone presently employed in any relevant position involving fish technology from any country. Relevant positions include commercial fishery sector, research or inspection roles. 
To be eligible for the prize, applicants must be under 30 years of age.  

About IAFI

The International Association of Fish Inspectors (IAFI) was established in 1999 to serve the world fish inspection community. IAFI exists to promote the exchange of ideas and information, foster interaction, understanding and professional collaboration among individuals, organisations, and governments, disseminate knowledge about seafood and associated products inspection, and promote advancement of the state-of-the-art in fish inspection research and education. For more information visit

Leave a dedication to Peter Howgate

Everyone who has benefited from Peter's assistance is invited to write a dedication by clicking on the Comments link below. Remember to include your name, email address, position and organisation (if relevant).


Megapesca Lda said...

Thanks Peter for all you have done. I know I am not alone in being helped by your going way beyond the bounds of duty when I was a young and inexperienced fish technologist, back in Stranraer in 1979. You wrote me many long and detailed letters on how to set up my experiments and analyse the data, patiently answering all my questions, and brought me to your laboratory in Aberdeen to work with you. Your humanity and openness are a guiding beacon in my career, as they are to many others'. Thankyou.
Ian Goulding
Managing Director
Megapesca Lda. PORTUGAL

Unknown said...

"Peter Howgate says...." is an often used phrased when it comes to Seafood technology and food safety issues no matter where you are in the world. We have so much to thank Peter for. To enable this information to be shared for the betterment of everyone in the industry and the world's seafood consumers is fantastic. Having retired in 1989 that could easily have been the end of all we ever heard of Peter but he has shown us all is that his role at TRS was not just a job but a massive part of his life and his desire to share his incredible knowledge and experience with us all has been overwhelming. THANK YOU...
Roy Palmer
CEO - Seafood Experience Australia Ltd, AUSTRALIA
President - World Aquaculture Society - Asia Pacific Chapter

Ben Hamilton said...

Thank you Mr. Howgate for setting a very high standard in your communications, and never loosing professionalism, humor, or your excellent scholastic bearing while providing information to the spectrum of seafood participants around the world. You have a greatful audience and countless millions are the recepients of your many contributions.

Peter Howgate is a person who has always demonstrated respect, dignity, superbly focused abilities, and the higher course for those selected to have vision toward Truth, Purpose, and our Common Destiny. Peter is a person who has lived a life worthy of emulation.

My thanks to all who make this annual award in recognition of Peter Howgate possible. You have raised your eyes toard the focus of his vision for us and our future, working and living together!

Find the light in this opportunity and make it brighter and encourage others toward this goal. With this we share a little bit of his life, and that joy we find, can't be denied.

Richard Watson said...

Peter is an inspiration for all fish technologists. His valued contributions continue to benefit us all.

Pamela Tom said...

Peter Howgate is the consummate seafood scientist and technologist. His expertise and dedication to improve the quality, communication and understanding of seafood science worldwide has been an invaluable gift to the seafood community for decades.

I welcome all colleagues to contribute to the Peter Howgate Award to show your appreciation and gratitude for his selfless sharing of knowledge to advance the field of seafood science and technology, and to recognize outstanding scientists following his lead.

Pamela Tom
Seafood HACCP Discussion List Owner
University of California, Davis

Dr.June Olley, Australia said...

I worked with Peter at Torry Research Station for 18 years, as well as on a DANIDA project in Sri Lanka. When climbing with him in the Cairngorms I found him a wonderful close neighbour when one has to be cantilevered, single handed, off rocks embedded in snow!

Abiodun Cheke said...

Hello Peter,
You were with us at The Federal Dept. Of Fisheries, Nigeria as an FAO Consultant in the early 80s. You were very conscientious in your work with us. I am really happy to know that you are continuously being honoured whilst alive. Congratulations.
Ms. Abiodun Cheke
Deputy Director ( fed. Dept. Of Fisheries )