Giri Rohmad Barokah, Indonesia (co-winner 2017 Peter Howgate Award)

Giri Barokah in his lab at the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries
Giri Rohmad Barokah, who is 26 years of age, obtained a BSc degree in Fisheries (majoring in Aquatic Product Technology) from Bogor Agricultural University in 2014.  He now works at the Research and Development Centre for Marine and Fisheries Product Competitiveness and Biotechnology as a researcher in the Food Safety and Environment Research Group. The Centre provides scientific support to the Competent Authority in the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries for sanitary controls for the export of fishery products.  Since he started work in the Centre he has undertaken a study regarding the illegal use of formaldehyde as a food additive to preserve fish and fishery products, and is seeking to differentiate this from natural production during the decay process. He is also a member of a research team assessing the extent of chemical, microbiological and parasite contamination risks in fishery products in Indonesia, as part of a national risk profiling and assessment exercise.

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