Tuesday, July 30, 2019

IAFI Selects 2019 Winners of IAFI Peter Howgate Award

The International Association of Fish Inspectors is delighted and honoured to announce the winners of the 2019 IAFI Peter Howgate Award. They are Ms Stella Mbabazi from Uganda and Mr Justin Sundarrajan from India. Stella is an inspector with the Department of Fisheries Resources of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries, based in Entebbe, Uganda, where she has worked for five years undertaking official food safety controls in the fisheries value chain. Justin works with Newport International, in Chennai, India where he is the Quality Control Manager in a plant producing pasteurised frozen crab for the US market. Previously he worked in similar functions in the Maldives and for the Thai Union Group. Both candidates are being supported with airfare, accommodation and conference fee, to attend the IAFI World Seafood Congress 2019 in Penang, Indonesia from 9 to 11th September 2019. Both are attending with the full support of their employers and are very much looking forward to the experience of hearing about the latest trends in in fish technology, and meeting with scientists, NGOs, other Competent Authorities and fishery business operators from all over the world. IAFI sends our warmest congratulations to them both.
Ms.Stella Mbabazi, Department of Fisheries Resources, Uganda

Mr.Justin Sundarrajan, Newport International, India

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Grant funding for attendance of young fish technologists at the 2019 World Seafood Congress

The International Association of Fish Inspectors is pleased to announce the opening of applications for the 2019 Peter Howgate Award. This award will fund the attendance of a young fish technologist (under 30 years of age) to the IAFI World Seafood Congress 2019, to be held in Penang, Malaysia from 9-11th September 2019. The Award will cover travel, accommodation and the congress fee, and this will afford the winning applicant a career changing opportunity to gain insights and build networks in the global fishery sector. The deadline for submission of applications is 29th March 2019. You can also visit our Facebook page for updates and information about previous awards (https://www.facebook.com/PeterHowgateAward ).

The IAFI Peter Howgate Award is a tribute to the late Peter Howgate's work and career, and a recognition of his immense and ongoing contribution to the field of fish technology and the people who work in it, both during his 35 years at the UK’s Torry Research Station, UK, and thereafter. The Award was set up by fish technology professionals around the world, with the help of the Seafood HACCP Discussion List community and was adopted by IAFI in 2014. We look forward to meeting the successful applicant at WSC 2019.

You can download the Rules and application form for the 2019 Peter Howgate Award here.

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